US troop withdrawal from Somalia completed – Africom


US government has confirmed that it withdrew all its troops from Somalia days before the elect president, Joe biden assumes office.

The world power country moved its soldiers to Somalia’s neighbours such as neighboring Kenya and Djibouti, home of the only permanent U.S. military base in Africa.

Hundreds of U.S. military personnel were in Somalia to support, mentor Somali forces.

Africom says a very limited U.S. presence remains in Somalia.

U.S. Africa Command spokesman Col. Chris Karns would not say how many are going where.

Asked whether the administration of President-elect Joe Biden will reverse the withdrawal, Karns replied in an email: “It would be inappropriate for us to speculate or engage in hypotheticals.”

Karns said the operation enters its “next phase of periodic engagement with Somali security forces.”

The withdrawal was announced late last year, with a Jan. 15 deadline.


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