First aid delivery reaches Hudur town


Hudur town of Bakool region has today received its first aid delivery in several months.

It comes after two days of appeals from Southwest state leader, Abdiaziz Hassan Laftagaren to intervene in humanitarian crisis in the town.

About 100,000 people live in the besieged town have been facing hunger recent months as al-Shabaab blocked roads linking the town to other parts of the country cutting off movement and humanitarian supplies.

Last Saturday, southwest state President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Lafta Garen urged the federal government, UN agencies and humanitarian partners to urgently intervene in Bakool region.

Hudur, which is the administrative capital of Bakool region was captured by Somali military backed by Ethiopian forces in early 2012 but the city has been under siege imposed by Al-Shabaab.

In 2018, Al-Shabaab group killed six traders and burnt eleven trucks which were carrying food to Hudur town. The group also carried out deadly attacks on the town.


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